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Initial Consultation

Our first consultation consists of a 60-minute conversation where I get to learn about you and your habits and your long term nutritional goals. After our first discussion you will have a solid understanding of a healthy diet and how food affects your weight and health. You can expect to take the beginning steps to improve your health after this first meeting.  One free follow-up is included with each initial consultation. $75


  • Meal planning

  • Healthy Eating Behaviors

  • Exercise

  • Preferred Diet

    • Calorie Needs ​

  • How to Make a Healthy Plate

  • How to Read a Nutrition Label

  • Supplements (Meal Replacements, Vitamins)

  • You will receive a sample menu


A 30-minute conversation to check up on progress and goals from our previous session.  You will continue to learn more about nutrition. 

Packages- Recommended

3 Month or 6 Month

Additional "A la carte" Services

  • Weekly or Monthly Meal Plans

Weekly or monthly meal plans that will give you meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for 7 days or 30 days. You will receive daily meals along with a grocery list for the week. No follow ups are included in these services.

These meal plans will be geared toward macro-nutrient needs, based on you weight goals and diet preferences. Initial consultation preferred for best results. However you may purchase without one.

Lifestyles Offered:

Low Glycemic/Ketogenic


Low Calorie

Modified Mediterranean 

Plus more

  • Pantry Clean Out

Get ready for some spring (or winter) cleaning! I will come over, look at your foods and nutrition labels and give you the strength you need to throw the BAD stuff out. I will help with better replacements and together we will create a healthier shopping list!

(Must have an initial consultation prior to pantry clean out.)

Accountability Coaching

Jumpstart your healthy habits today with an experienced and responsible Registered Dietitian. This is a vigorous two week program, where all foods and beverages are recorded and reported back to me. Exercise is also required and reported. This program is intense and requires all intakes to be shared with me to ensure accountability and success. Good for those wanting to lose weight within a defined period of time, i.e. Weddings, Preparing for the military, knee replacement surgeries, etc. Pricing will be discussed after our initial consultation. Fee for initial consultation will be waived if you sign up for the accountability program.